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As perpetual fans of Artistry of all kinds, we at Captured Studios have been searching for a way to foster and grow creativity and well-being in people from all kinds of backgrounds. We also have a passion to promote a sense of community and awareness between different local businesses.  

Midland is a community of talented experts in many fields, but there is as yet few places where they are readily accessible together. 

Captured Community envisions a meeting space of talent and interest, where souls can be fed and rounded with new knowledge and relationships.  There is a sign in our office that says, “Life is your art.”  We believe in this idea, and we want to see it extended beyond arts and crafts into all areas of expertise and interest.  It is our goal to provide a space where talent and knowledge can fuel and encourage growth of all kinds.  

Life is richer when we share with and learn from one another, whatever particular “art” we might live out. And so it is with great pleasure and excitement that Captured Photography invites you to explore Captured Community. This is not simply about skill building; this is about the whole person.  There are many great places in Midland where you can learn a skill or art; Captured Community seeks to build moments of connection and empowerment within a creative sphere.  Whether it’s creating art at a paint party, exploring personal and home design, or investigating a new approach to wellness, Captured Community wants to bring better living to life through knowledge sharing and relationship building. Please check our site often to see what new things are being offered!

We believe people need to know they are loved and cherished and that they belong.  Community, Midland, MI, Create. Life is your art live yours in color.