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Captured Dance + Fitness Studio was founded on the belief that dance and fitness increase self-confidence and well being. Through better health and happiness, we are all able to live fully. When you take time to nourish yourself, you can better take care of others.

Many people want to learn how to dance or go to the next level in their journey, but let their fear get in the way of where they want to go, when in reality there is a confident and brave version of themselves hidden in there.  Step by step we will help you find the best you, you can be.  Whether, you are taking those first steps onto the dance floor or fitness studio, or pushing yourself to the next level, Captured Dance + Fitness Studio will help you empower you.

At Captured Dance + Fitness Studio we will help you in your journey to see who you are and what you were created for.  Allow us to help you transform how you see yourself and what you can accomplish; helping you live better, so you can give better!